Musical Workout


This group is inspirational for not for their workout routine to “Sally Up Sally Down”……but MOSTLY because they are squatting pretty impressive weight!

This is a great workout routine you can do, even as a warm up, at any intensity! I chose to do “Sally Up Sally Down” with just air squats & the burn was still pretty fierce! Here’s what you do: The song says “down” you squat and HOLD until you hear “up.” Sounds pretty simple, right? NOW YOU TRY!





Thanks to for providing this awesome goal sheet to make goals manageable & attainable. For a long time now, I’ve wanted to manage my own blog to reach & inspire as many people as possible. With my busy day job, I fell away from pursuing own personal goals. But, I am happy to report, I am back on track!

I vow to blog MORE FREQUENTLY with MORE RELATABLE material! I hope to encourage fellow bloggers & fitness gurus all over to strive for the very best.

What are your goals? And, are they specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, & timely!?
Please share!

Blessings by Laura Story


If you are ever down about something going on in your life, think about all the blessings and positive things that have been put in your life.

This song is a great reminder that sometimes difficult times come to us to show us our inner strength. Sometimes we need to understand that something greater will come if we have patience to understand why things went the way they did OR that sometimes OUR will is not the RIGHT will.

Be patient and see the goodness working in your life everyday.


SET SOME GOALS – Here is mine

To make personal and physical improvements, it is important to set goals for yourself.  Once you have wrapped your head about WHAT you want to achieve, you should make a concrete list of what those items are – then, decide HOW you will achieve them.  If you are bored in your workouts and not seeing results, maybe your goal should be to “TONE UP & HAVE FUN.”  You should consider joining a Zumba class, or working out with a friend.  Options like those have kept me in shape for years!

It’s my turn, I am setting new physical & fitness goals.  One being that I would like to run a 5k, as well as a LONGER race.  Next step, do research.  I thought about the Dallas Half Marathon in November but also thought it might be too far away to make the commitment. However, when I heard another commercial on my drive to work about the half, I decided “it’s time to commit.”  Here I am signing up for my first half marathon! Just do it.

THINK about it, SET SOALS, write them down, FIGURE OUT HOW! DO IT. 

Protein-Packed Breakfast


Protein-Packed Breakfast

I love this idea for a quick and protein-filled breakfast. I made these last night for this whole week and tasted them this morning. They were delicious AND the easiest breakfast on the planet.

**Preheat over at 350 degrees
Step One: Spray Pam or Canola Oil into muffin tin
Step Two: Crack one egg in each muffin hole
Step Three: Sprinkle with Salt & Pepper
Step Four: Bake at 350 degrees for 16 minutes, cool & enjoy!

Anyone have healthy, tasty, and FILLING breakfast ideas?
Please share.




Everyone struggles sometimes – diet and exercise might not have been perfect this week, or weekend. I hear you, that’s me today! But, always smile and make the most of your day with positive feelings of love for your body! Before the week is over you will have a clear head and your body will be back on track!

I want feedback – how do you get back on track when you’ve fallen away from your goals?

SUMMER DESSERTS: Better than “Most” Cake


Wow, this cake really is DELICIOUS. Fellow blogger called it, “Better than Sex” cake, and I must say it is VERY delicious!

You can make this relatively “low-cal” as well by using the Diet Coke, Reduced Fat Oreos, & Sugar Free Pudding Mix. I just recently made this and all my colleagues basically licked my glassware clear!

All you need is:

1 box Red Velvet Cake mix
1 can Diet Coke
2 pkg. Sugar-Free Fat Free Cheesecake pudding
4 cups skim milk
1 tub Cool-Whip (Lite or Fat Free), thawed
10 oreos or 2-3 packs of Oreo 100 Calorie Packs

For baking instructions and credit: