Burning Calories without a Workout


What activity did you do this weekend that burned calories? Just saying active and enjoying the outdoors will help you stay fit even if you can’t get a workout in! For me, I tried water skiing, road the jet ski, and even played in the lake water a bit!!





About daniellefitnessgirl

Fit Girl. Foodie. Fashionista. All words I've used to describe me and my passions. Born & raised in St. Louis, I always had a passion for athletics. I started playing competitive volleyball at a young age which fostered my competitive attitude and drive for results. In addition to playing volleyball in college, I found a passion for running and staying active by fitness programs which marked my progress. Now I run a fitness business where I have the ability to help people achieve their health & fitness goals. I am absolutely the definition of a fitness freak, since my day isn't complete without a #sweatsession. My passion for fashion began at a very young age. I was always trying to make money so I could spend money (on the latest trends)! I always strive to rock what's hip and new, while promoting my inner style. I would characterize my style as: SavvyChic. People don't believe me when I tell them I eat all day long! But, it's true. I love to eat. I love trying new types of cuisine; I love cooking and baking; I love learning about my food and how it's prepared. I am driven to understand more about the food I consume to fuel my body. The challenge is that there is a lot of misconceptions about where and how food is grown. I work for a leading agricultural company where I've been blessed to learn more about the food I eat every day. I want to share this knowledge with my friends, family, fitness freaks, fashionistas and foodies around the globe. Ideas presented on this blog are entirely my own. [For any scientific claim I make, I will always add references for support.]

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    • Carolyn – I feel the same way! Anything to be outside and you got in a non-traditional workout! Win-win!

      🙂 thanks for your comment! Please always comment on my posts if they interest you. I love hearing everyone’s feedback!


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