SET SOME GOALS – Here is mine

To make personal and physical improvements, it is important to set goals for yourself.  Once you have wrapped your head about WHAT you want to achieve, you should make a concrete list of what those items are – then, decide HOW you will achieve them.  If you are bored in your workouts and not seeing results, maybe your goal should be to “TONE UP & HAVE FUN.”  You should consider joining a Zumba class, or working out with a friend.  Options like those have kept me in shape for years!

It’s my turn, I am setting new physical & fitness goals.  One being that I would like to run a 5k, as well as a LONGER race.  Next step, do research.  I thought about the Dallas Half Marathon in November but also thought it might be too far away to make the commitment. However, when I heard another commercial on my drive to work about the half, I decided “it’s time to commit.”  Here I am signing up for my first half marathon! Just do it.

THINK about it, SET SOALS, write them down, FIGURE OUT HOW! DO IT. 


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