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Fit Girl. Foodie. Fashionista. All words I've used to describe me and my passions. Born & raised in St. Louis, I always had a passion for athletics. I started playing competitive volleyball at a young age which fostered my competitive attitude and drive for results. In addition to playing volleyball in college, I found a passion for running and staying active by fitness programs which marked my progress. Now I run a fitness business where I have the ability to help people achieve their health & fitness goals. I am absolutely the definition of a fitness freak, since my day isn't complete without a #sweatsession. My passion for fashion began at a very young age. I was always trying to make money so I could spend money (on the latest trends)! I always strive to rock what's hip and new, while promoting my inner style. I would characterize my style as: SavvyChic. People don't believe me when I tell them I eat all day long! But, it's true. I love to eat. I love trying new types of cuisine; I love cooking and baking; I love learning about my food and how it's prepared. I am driven to understand more about the food I consume to fuel my body. The challenge is that there is a lot of misconceptions about where and how food is grown. I work for a leading agricultural company where I've been blessed to learn more about the food I eat every day. I want to share this knowledge with my friends, family, fitness freaks, fashionistas and foodies around the globe. Ideas presented on this blog are entirely my own. [For any scientific claim I make, I will always add references for support.]

DO IT!!!


DO IT!!!

If you find joy when doing something, no matter how small, keep doing it! Little joys lead to big things. Do more of what makes you happy, and your happiness will spread.





As a BeachBody Coach, I love doing the different DVD programs that BeachBody offers like P90X, Insanity, and the ALL-NEW T-25. In addition, my breakfast of Shakeology curbs cravings throughout the day and sends my energy levels soaring. If you are interested in more information, visit my coaching website:

If you have any questions, feel free to send me an email,, I am always happy to help!


“When anything good happens in your day GIVE THANKS”

– The Power, Rhonda Byrne

If you are looking for a way to bring more positive energy into your world and life, trying giving thanks and showing your gratitude for anything that goes well in your day. The more you give gratitude for the things you love in life, the more good things that will come your way

“When anything …