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Musical Workout


This group is inspirational for not for their workout routine to “Sally Up Sally Down”……but MOSTLY because they are squatting pretty impressive weight!

This is a great workout routine you can do, even as a warm up, at any intensity! I chose to do “Sally Up Sally Down” with just air squats & the burn was still pretty fierce! Here’s what you do: The song says “down” you squat and HOLD until you hear “up.” Sounds pretty simple, right? NOW YOU TRY!


Blessings by Laura Story


If you are ever down about something going on in your life, think about all the blessings and positive things that have been put in your life.

This song is a great reminder that sometimes difficult times come to us to show us our inner strength. Sometimes we need to understand that something greater will come if we have patience to understand why things went the way they did OR that sometimes OUR will is not the RIGHT will.

Be patient and see the goodness working in your life everyday.